Evil Eye Creative Studio

School and Personal Work

This page includes work that I’ve done for fun, or for educational purposes.

– Hailey

Good Gods!

Good Gods! started out as a school project and turned into one of my favorite hobbies. It includes a card game and an app prototype. I have tons more information about Good Gods! on its own webpage.

Kids' New Media Guide

My senior thesis was was focused on solving the issue of how content is produced for children in the modern era. Without the standards of the FTC, most of the new media produced for children and shared on platforms like YouTube are inappropriate or simply not beneficial to their development.

I created a print guide about how to effectively produce beneficial content for 0-5 year-olds; an interactive website with the information; an AR app for people to use at my exhibition space; a custom 3D sign; and a case study video using my research and guide.

I will be posting more content related to KNMG soon!

Pip Urban Gardens

This was a simple rebrand project that I found really challenging, but it also ignited my love of brand identities. We were given a business card of a local business and told to update their brand.

I love sharing this project as a visual explanation for my design process. I work best by getting out my ideas on paper, quickly trying out shapes and word combinations before hopping onto a computer.


To improve my copywriting and blogging skills, I started a dog training blog called athena+nike in 2021. I wrote about my experience raising my two dogs and shared life updates on Instagram. The website is no longer active, but it was a fun project!


My other passion is art history, and I love this piece because I got to incorporate it into my design work. The “article” was copied from a research paper I was working on around the same time for my Art History degree.

The image caption reads:

“Inspired by the performance art pieces of Mierle Laderman Ukeles and the typographic styling of Bradbury Thompson, this piece combines sleek magazine design with scholarly writing.

The copy is about the Work Ballets performed by Ukeles, and other design elements pay homage to this work – including the color, which is derived from the brightly painted snow plows used for the one of the final performances.”