Evil Eye Creative Studio

Kregg Winkleman Roofing

Kregg Winkleman was my first client because he is my dad! The first logo I made for him was when I was in 8th grade, but I have come a long way since then (including redesigning the logo). My dad’s honesty has been really valuable in preparing me to communicate with other clients.

– Hailey

Logo Design

The first step in creating the Kregg Winkleman Roofing brand in 2012 was creating a logo. However, as I grew and improved my design skills, we felt it needed a refresh in 2019 and again in 2021.


I was able to use my knowledge of WordPress and themes to build this modern website in 2021,  replacing a years-old static page.

Animated Ads

I get a lot of creative freedom when running ad campaigns, and I absolutely love character animation. I’ve gotten to create a little cartoon Kregg on a few occasions.


In 2021, I started doing my own t-shirt production within Evil Eye. My first big customer was KWR with a huge uniform order for the crew. I used screen-printed transfers for the tees, and I’m currently working on embroidered polos.

Water Bottles

I also create vinyl decals and stickers! Here is an order of water bottles I designed, cut, and applied with the KW Roofing logo.

Yard Signs

KWR also ordered my first production of yard signs, and I learned a lot through the process.