Evil Eye Creative Studio

In the summer of 2018, I took a game design course as a credit toward my graphic design degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. During the 4-week class, I designed every aspect of Good Gods! from start to finish – rules, artwork, and producing a prototype. Several playtest sessions have sprung from the encouragement of SIUC’s Classics Club and the support of family and friends, giving me the push to continue developing the game and potentially fund a print run through Kickstarter. Although it did not get funded, I am still proud of the work that went into this project!


The intent of this game is of course to be fun, but also to teach players some basic aspects of Greek myth, art, and architecture! As mentioned above, the artwork itself is an introduction to Greek art. However, the temple building mechanic is more explicitly educational, teaching players the structure of Greek temples and the names of each part. Finally, each player card describes the associated powers and symbols of the gods, and the players’ abilities and bonuses are determined by the gods’ domains.


Because there is only one printed copy, please contact me to set up a demo or for print-n-play cards. Make sure to follow my social media accounts so you can be up-to-date on future publishing information!


I also have a demo app available, no download required! At this time it only supports 1 player, but I am working on making it multiplayer.