Evil Eye Creative Studio

GlitchTech Electronic Repair

Because they are located in our hometown, GlitchTech was one of Evil Eye’s first customers. We have been able to work with them on design and video projects, as well as gain experience in screen printing and other apparel decoration processes.

Logo Vectorization

The first project we did for GlitchTech was vectorizing their logo. The previous designer had only provided them with flat image files, which were not ready for large-scale printing. Now the logo is ready to use on jobs large and small in perfect quality.

Charging Tower Video

Another large project we got to work on was an animated instructional video for the new charging tower. This video plays on loop to help out folks who come to drop off their devices after hours. All of the illustrations are custom-made, and a lot of the animation is done frame-by-frame to ensure the timing is correct.


We have done a few custom imprint jobs for GlitchTech, most of them before we had the capabilities we do now! These days we have screen printed transfers and a heat press, but most of our early work for GlitchTech involved iron-ons and elbow grease.

Yard Signs

We have also completed several custom print jobs for GlitchTech, including a set of yard signs. Other jobs include custom decals and parade flyers.