Evil Eye Creative Studio

Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools

The Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools (AIRSS) is the only advocacy group in Illinois that focuses specifically on the issues of rural schools.

Logo Refresh

After working freelance for a couple of years, Evil Eye got the opportunity for an annual contract and to refresh the AIRSS logo. The symbols of the schoolhouse and the state of Illinois  remain recognizable, but it has a modern font and simpler linework.

New Website

The AIRSS website has been a continued project throughout our time together. It has completely changed in its look to match with the logo refresh, and its navigation has been simplified. We continue to maintain it as part of our contract.

Mail and Email Campaigns

We have facilitated several hard mailing campaigns to the over 500 schools that AIRSS represents, including custom print pieces such as folders, brochures, certificates, and envelopes. We also help organize content for the AIRSS newsletter ROADS BETWEEN, which discusses policies affecting rural schools at the local, state, and federal levels.

Left to Right: Dave Ardrey (Executive Director of AIRSS), Ariel Beverly (Miss Illinois 2019-2020), and Hailey Winkleman (Evil Eye Creative Studio)

Miss Illinois Partnership

While I was a graphic designer at AlterEgo Marketing, I had the opportunity to work on the Miss Illinois 2019 press tour. I realized that her platform of arts in education would work well with the goals and ideals of AIRSS, and introduced the team to Dave, the Executive Director.

Through this partnership, the Miss Illinois team was able to spread the #IncludeTheArts message to the over 500 schools that AIRSS represents through the Postcard Project. Ariel also visited schools that would not usually be included in a press tour, which really made those kids smile!

– Hailey

HB/SB 1819

Four years of diligent effort, research of successful comparable bills, and support from former Senator Andy Manar, and Turing Strategies, HB1819 and SB1819, which creates the “Rural Education Advisory Council” has been filed in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly. Evil Eye created the commemorative mark for this bill.

I Am A Rural Teacher

My work with AIRSS led into a partnership with the NREA and RSC for the I Am A Rural Teacher Campaign in 2020. Learn more by visiting the project page for IAART!

– Hailey