Evil Eye Creative Studio

Care Instructions

Thank you for your apparel order! To make sure your custom products last as long as possible, please abide by the following instructions.

Follow the Label, and Err on the Side of Caution
For instance, the garment may say “do not iron.” More often than not, it’s because the fabric is heat sensitive. Given that, washing in cold water is a safer bet.

Washing inside out can help the decoration last longer, and it can help dark garments from fading more quickly. When garments are in the wash, they rub up against one another. By keeping the item turned inside out, you’ll reduce the abrasion factor.

Hanging dry is always best, but real life often doesn’t allow for that. If you must use a dryer, do so on a low tumble dry. It might take a little longer, but it will help preserve the integrity of not only the garment itself, but also the transfer.

Don’t Dry Clean
Dry cleaning solvents will break down the adhesives in heat transfers.

Don’t Use Fabric Softeners
Fabric softeners create a cloudy film on the surface of screen print ink.

Don’t Use Oxy
The primary ingredient in oxygenated laundry products is solidified hydrogen peroxide. While it’s incredibly effective at removing stains and even killing some germs, just like bleach, it can remove the pigment.

Don’t Iron Over Transfers or Decals
While heat is applied to the transfer to release it from the transfer paper, the transfer itself isn’t designed to take that kind of heat directly. If it’s necessary to get wrinkles out, you can use a garment steamer – moving quickly across the garment and not hovering too long over the decorated areas. As a last resort, throw it in dryer with a damp washcloth for a few minutes (if it is able to go in the dryer, of course).

How Long Will it Last?
While these transfers are tested beyond the 50 wash typical life cycle of consumer garment, the reality is that it depends on how they are treated. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your custom apparel lasts as long as possible!