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Please fill out the form below with all information needed for your ad space. One form entry can hold multiple ad orders. No late orders can be processed due to production time.

You may also use the form to pay online, but please note that there will be processing fees. If you do not pay online through the form, please send cash or check with a cast member. Make all check payments out to CWC Drama.

We are happy to help design your ad. You may also design your own ad using our free Canva templates: 1/4 Page | 1/2 Page | Full Page

Ad space pricing is as follows (without processing fees):

  • Business Bronze – $25 – includes 1″ logo on sponsors page
  • Business Silver – $50 – 1/4 page ad space
  • Business Gold – $100 – 1/2 page ad space
  • Business Platinum – $200 – full page ad space
  • Cast Wish – $15 – 1/4 page
  • Cast Wish – $25 – 1/2 page
  • Cast Wish – $50 – full page
  • Cast Wish – $100 – 2 full pages

Thank you for supporting the CWCHS Drama Department!

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